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An underground internet term that is used to refer to the lack of knowledge arabs have in sexual conduct.
He's a fucking acex.
by omg!cmon June 04, 2008

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An underground internet racial term that describes an arabs lack of knowledge in sexual conduct
He's never had sex. I bet he's an acex.
by omg!cmon June 04, 2008
An internet term that refers to Saudi Arabia's anxiety about sexual conduct.

The internet mispelling is a derived from a shortened version of the word asexual.

The "A" in front of Acex refers to "Arabia"--as well as asexual reproduction--while "sex" is mispelled to add to the effect of Saudi Arabia's ignorance of all things sex related.
"Look at the towel-head on that bench, he's probably an acex"

"My girlfriend is acexual when it comes to sleeping with guys. It's almost as though she was raised in the Middle East."

by Supa-Mario June 03, 2008