"Rammer, you Ace-Hole."
by Mongo February 21, 2005
Top Definition
A huge fag. Incredibly unfunny. Tries his hardest to fit in, and still falls flat on his face.
Jeff is a huge acehole. We all hate him very much.
by Steve February 26, 2004
A word describing a person who serves an ace in a volley ball game and is then an asshole about it.
Acehole: "6 serving 3. (Acehole serves) Yes, ace! In your face noobs! My grandma can return a serve better than that. Why don't you just walk off the court now before I crush you again?"
by Robert McSanchez July 23, 2010
another way of saying asshole, often applied to a golf player when that player is a sore loser.
Person 1: Dude, you lost. Accept it, ace-hole.
Person 2: Fuck you!
by aman13 March 14, 2010
a person who aces all their test and proceeds to tell everyone that they have a higher grade than them.
Rob: Cindy keeps telling me about her 100 on her chemistry test
Mike: Me too. She's such an acehole.
by MC RAMASAMA May 25, 2014
a player at a poker table who plays in an erratic fashion.
Scott: "Brad has been going all-in on every hand just cause he wants to leave."

Dennis: "He's just being an ace hole."
by Denster December 27, 2006
its when the chat in some online game or something is filtered and when u write ass hole it comes out like *** ****....so u say ace hole and its writen :D
a:hey noob ...play runescape right or get out
b: *** ****
b: ace hole * :P
by vodca333 December 14, 2009

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