Another way of saying Ann Arbor (A²)
person 1: yo, where you from?

person 2: I'm from the Ace Deuce, nig!
#ann arbor #ace deuce #ace duece #michigan #a2
by bitsy pookums September 16, 2010
Top Definition
usually refers to ann arbor, michigan
i live in ace deuce bitch
#a2 #ann arbor #michigan #lower pinninsula #superior township
by alex gooding January 05, 2006
Ace-Deuce,aka "Ace, Two" is a starting hand in Texas Hold-em, which is deceptively good because you have an ace, but it's really a pile of crap. It will fuck you over a lot, especially if someone else has an Ace with any card higher than a two.
Someone else; " I got two pair, aces and nines, what do you have?"
me: "Ace-deuce, fuck. I fucking hate ace-deuce."
by porneggs August 31, 2005
best friend (prison slang)
Yo, ace deuce, shank that cho mo for me.
#best friend #buddy #comrade #cellmate #amigo
by The Inmate July 10, 2008
Slang word for Ann Arbor, Michigan that became popular mostly through the website "MySpace."
Ed: Where are you from?
Jamal: Bitch, you know I'm from the Ace Deuce
#myspace #ann #arbor #michigan #ace #deuce
by Supermatt February 25, 2006
A nickname for the shithole that is Ann Arbor, Michigan. See also, A-squared (A^2, or as those from said town type it, A2). Home of the Michigan Skunkbears.
See the guy who thinks his shit don't stink? Yeah, he's from "ace-deuce."
by GuyInYpsi February 28, 2005
Best Friend
Wassup ace-deuce
by Ac February 02, 2004
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