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partner in crime
Ya ma ace boon coon, man!
by Martin Capehart February 13, 2004
704 255
N. Number one nigga. Your main man. Your bestfriend.
Jay is my Ace Boon Coon.
by Dub9's March 14, 2006
646 273
1. Someone that you ice cold chill with
2. My nigga
Me and the nigga there go way back he is my ace boon coon
by GQDreAmeR January 12, 2005
451 253
Your dawg, homeboy, homegirl. Someone who your mad cool with.
Where you been girl? We used to be ace boon coon!
by Regina Holcombe January 24, 2009
317 197
A term used to describe one's inner circle of friends, also known as niggas.
"My acebooncoons and I got fucked up this weekend"
by jaydonnelljoe November 03, 2008
25 8
A cocktail consisting of vodka and ginger ale.
Yes bar keep I'll take an Ace Boon Coon.
by Doctor88 July 19, 2011
66 154