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1. Someone that you ice cold chill with
2. My nigga
Me and the nigga there go way back he is my ace boon coon
by GQDreAmeR January 12, 2005
The most powerful alcoholic drink out there forget what you heard about 151 or everclear this joint will probably cause death. This joint is so powerful you can use it as gasoline. Anybody from GA probably knows what it is.
Man that nigga Nasir had some Golden Grain...yeah man that nigga funeral is next Tuesday.
by GQDreAmeR January 12, 2005
In the south its a term meaning weed mixed with coke. Produces an extremly funky smell.
Man why the clucker gotta come round here smoking that stink ass bounk.
by GQDreAmeR January 12, 2005

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