A pathetic "sporty" car that some idiotic "Mr. Opportunity" tries to brainwash you into buying. Frequently chosen by ricers and idiots that are STILL brainwashed into thinking American cars are unreliable. Also, they try to make you think it is sporty. Honda is probably the most far from sporty car in existence.
Accord Driver: This car sure is sporty! I like my spoilers I put on the back, they make it so much better.

Mustang Driver: *accelerates*

Accord Driver: Wow, that thing is fast. I like my boring car though.

Mustang Driver: *waves out rear-view mirror*
by Mr. Opportunity October 05, 2007
A cheap shit excuse for a car
WTF! you drive an accord, get the hell out of here.
by Overseer April 08, 2005
Gay ass car that young punks who can't afford a real car drive.
Look at that fag in the accord.
by anon April 08, 2005

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