When you are fucking a girl and "accidentally" let it slip into her ass and when she says something you pretend you don't speak English.
Girl 1: "Johnny and I were going at it doggy-style when he slipped it in my ass and pretended he only spoke German"

Girl 2: "Haha accidental tourist... classic."
by Worthless pledge October 10, 2010
Top Definition
When wiping your ass and a finger accidentally pokes through the toilet paper.
What seemed to be an easy clean-up job was anything but, when I had an accidental tourist take a peek into the dmz.
by Bryan Xin February 12, 2004
While banging on the front door, the guy accidentally breaks into the rear.
"What started out as Breakfast at Tiffany's ended up as the Accidental Tourist."
by papafatwoody February 18, 2010
When a man and a women are in doggie style position, and the man attempts to penetrate rectally.
I loved him until he pulled the accidental tourist on me.
by Chicanery February 14, 2005
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