Where a guy ends up when he unknowingly makes an attempted jump from a girls "friends" ladder to her "fuck" ladder, and misses.

Joe thought that Sally was really into him, so he made an attempt at asking her out, only to find out she wants to be "just friends". He has tumbled into the abyss below the ladders.

Entire explanation of Ladder Theory here.

www.intellectualwhores.com /masterladder.html
by Big IP October 04, 2005
Big house eating, teapot drinking, tetley hoover sucking fence.

Overusage of the smiley ":{{{"
by Timmy Tammy Tommy May 17, 2003
a large, black cavity which can be used to describe a vagina which has been extremely sexually active, and/or where one can lose various objects such as panties, food, or quarters.
whoa, she had such an abyss, i got sucked in and had to crawl out, i needed a flashlight.
by Kellee March 28, 2007
To abyss is to eat ones foot without chewing.
I would very much like to abyss. Would you help me kind Sir?
by Jimbo Ditch May 31, 2003

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