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The art of gettin pwn'd by planting the face on the ground, rail wall etc.
Tom: i was reverting, it killed my arm and i face planted the rail.
Jeff: FUCK
#nose plant #face plant #face crusher #rail face pwnage #rail face ownage
by Thundrstryke September 05, 2006
1) Someone who is SOO stupid they dont know they are getting used

2) Someone who is only good for using. Dylan

Jack: u suck nuts tool
#gay #stupid #hella stupid #unloved #hated
by Thundrstryke September 05, 2006
1) A bottomless dark hole into hell

2) A character on he ps2, gc, xbox game Soul Calibur 3
1) fuck i lost in YUGIOH and im goin down the big ass abyss

2) fuck my random ass character got pwn'd by Abyss
#hell #dark #ass #soul calibur 3 #yugioh
by thundrstryke September 14, 2006
A sick ass sequel tp Soul Calibur on ps2, xbox, gc with a unique character on each ps2 is yoshimitsu, xbox spawn, gc link (im not sure with xbox or gc but yoshimitsu is in the ps2)and allows you to create a character or use standed ones with over 40 in all (including the up to 10 created characters) and when you try to buy something in the shop and cancel with x constantly the shop keepers tits giggle.
Im the best with created character class Barbarian and Swordmaster. SOUL CALIBUR 3 ROCKS.
#soul calibur #ps2 #tits #xbox #cervantes #zasalamel
by thundrstryke September 14, 2006
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