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the man whose daughter kicked kerpals dog
hello, is abtar there?... this is kerpal... KERPAL!
by lottie February 25, 2004
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by Agnes June 08, 2004
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An ugly feminin man. He is a mothé fock who play with penis. He also nasty look, very short, about 4 inch tall, smell like somalian shit, wear turban and talk foreign fock up language. He also like mate with monkeys.
1) Stop that you fucking Abtar.
2) Your modér look like Abtar.
3) That old fuck is trying to sexually abuse my dog. He live down the street from me and we call him "ugly modé fock" or "Abtar".
by Meestakil May 07, 2003
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A midget bastard who slaps another person with weak hands and also speaks a foreign language to insult one.
by Afsheen Semnani January 21, 2003
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Islamic term for a Male without any Male offspring/children.
The Islamic Prophet Muhammad was an "abtar" as he had no male offspring/children
by Young Scholar October 23, 2011
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