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The best friend you could ever have she will always be there for you. You usually can find her with a Chandler. She is smart and pretty. The best girl friend you could ever ask for.
Person1: Woah I just saw a beautiful girl!
Person2: Oh thats Abriella.
Person1:I should ask her out!
Person2:Too late, she's Chandler's
by Chabriella November 01, 2013
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She is the bestfreind you can find. She is loyal and never gives up. She usually dates boys named Jacob,Elijah, or daniel. She is the best volleyball player.
Jacob: yo she cute.
Daniel: sorry bruh she's Elijah's

Elijah: ( walks up to Abriella and kisses her) you babe let's go I think those guys are checking you out.
by Ella is babe January 23, 2017
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