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Taking sexual advantage of the recently deceased.
the scene of a road accident;
"hey man, what the fuck are you doing, call an ambulance!"
(pulling up trousers) "Sorry dude, I heard the crash and, abracadaver, there she was!"
by Big Daddy Slim June 11, 2009
A word uttered by the assassin Criss Angel before he killed his mark. This is often the last thing they hear.
I don't know your right, we have never met before. I going to show you this knife it's really so be careful. Now examine it, is it fair, real no springs, it's metal not plastic right? Now close your eyes....concentrate. There can be no doubts....concentrate......
by govidian November 04, 2010
a magic candaver in which a necrophiliac takes great pleasure in useing as his/her sex toy (commonly used in sex chairs and such).
John used the sex chair with an abracadaver again and didnt clean up.
by clayton s and mykle m. August 23, 2005

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