One of the many English words that Canadians like to screw with just to fuck with Americans. Put quite simply, however it is in America, Canadians will do the exact opposite! What do you think aboot that!
Canadian:What you talkin' aboot?
American: I sure as hell ain't talkin' about a boot!
Canadian: Oh, sorey, I thought you were talkin' aboot a boot.
American: Piss off!
by Mr. About June 10, 2008
a word said by canadanians as well as PEOPLE FROM MICHIGAN!....about = aboot
Thats what it's all aboot!
by cott November 08, 2003
About, only used in Canada. Sometimes Aboat (Uh-Boht) is used.
"What are you talking aboot? I'm all oot of maple syrup!"
by Scoots November 19, 2002
Common way a Canadian would say "a boat"--this can cause confusion for an American who would decipher it as "a boot" (as in cowboy).
American: "What the fuck is an ironclad?"
Canadian: "I don't know...aboot?"
American: "What? Like a shoe!"
Canadian: "No dumbass, like a yacht, a ship, a canoe, a bark, a schooner, a barge, a raft, a sloop, a cruiser..."
American: "Wha?"
Canadian: "Forget it."
by l.faye June 27, 2006
It's the way our friends in Canada say ABOUT. We know they hate it, but hey, they are Canadians what are they going to do aboot it?
I'm not mad aboot the fact that i say aboot funny. I am simply mad because I live in Canada............Eh
by Canadasux October 12, 2005
How canadians say about, despite protests to the contrary.
Clever American: Come on say it again it is funny.
Dumb Canadian: No, I am not going to say it!
Clever American: How about some american currency to change your attitude?
Dumb Canadian: American Currency! Aboot, Aboot, Aboot Aboooooooooot.......
by A.H March 22, 2004
Way that All Canadians pronounce ABOUT, but piss and moan about it saying they don't.

Even though they do.

Canadian who thinks he is clever: You idiot, we don't really say that.
Average American who knows better: What is it you don't say?
Canadian who thinks he is clever: Aboot.
Average American who knows better: Ahomosayswhat?
Canadian who thinks he is clever: What?
Average American who knows better:
Aww, I got some gum on my pants.
Canadian who thinks he is clever:
Average American who knows better: What's the capital of China?
Canadian who thinks he is clever: Um... Beijing?
Average American who knows better: yessss.....
by sajor March 02, 2005
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