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a wonderful Canandianism...I too thought it to be a myth until I came to live in montreal.
person 1: Damn you, stop scoffing at my snowpants.

person 2: I don't know what you're talking aboot! I'm wearing snowpants too. They sure are sporty, eh?
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A word meaning 'about' said by eastern Canadians, the Scots (well, southern Scots anyway) and parts of north-east England.

One of the greatest words that isn't in the English language.
"What's this aboot?"
by shiieru November 13, 2003
621 223
Alternative pronunciation of "about" in the north of Scotland.
There's a moose loose aboot this hoose!
by Alice October 19, 2003
408 127
The thing stupid american shitholes think canadians say instead of about.
Y'all say a-boot up in them thar canadian igloos.
by Hhhhh October 04, 2004
773 645
1. Canadian vernacular for "about".
2. A type of shoe (sing).
1. What's all that a boot?
2. Hey look! I found a boot.
by Steven Hopkins August 09, 2005
87 42
A kick. To "give a boot" is to kick someone. Most popularly used in high schools in southern Ontario, Canada.
"Hey, John's being a jerk. Give him a boot for me."
by Andiepants February 21, 2006
35 24
A word that dumb ass Americans think Canadians say.
Canadian: What are you talking about?
American: Dont you mean aboot?
Canadian: No.
American: Oh.
by whydoihavetoputaname April 19, 2008
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