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To hate; detest; loathe.
Its quite right to abominate people who are evil-doers.
by vj_sez August 23, 2006
To feel disgust towards; to abhor; to loathe or detest thoroughly; to hate in the highest degree.
Sir Laurence, he said, smiling wanly, "I detest literature. I abominate the theatre. I have a horror of culture. I am only interested in magic!"
-- John Lahr (editor), The Diaries of Kenneth Tynan

by Prince Andrew, Duke of York March 10, 2011
(v.) to eat savagely.
"I shall abominate this lovely peice of pie."

"I could barely understand what the fock he was saying since he was to busy groveling and abominating his pie."
by Angela abominates December 19, 2004

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