to dress in a way which provokes raging self-justification. Often companions offensive racial epithets and preworn jean s and baseball cap brims.
fuck yourself dude, these jeans were 60 bucks, asshole.
by Django Reinhardt January 22, 2005
Clothing store for people with a great sense of style,not, other popular brands they like are: american eagle and hollister and well thats about it, usually infested with people that have no musical taste, and all look about the same, they also make fun of anyone who looks different from them.
abercrombie kid: Hey you look different then me.
different kid: um yep i do.
abercrombie kid: Well i dont like you you arent cool.
by Josh January 19, 2005
where all the prep/emo/goth kids go to get their 'kewl' clothes that are faded, torn, or have holes in them. everytime i go into an abercrombie and fitch there is a kid in there with his favorite emo bands wristbands on that is wearing worn out some gay vintage tshirt, faded or torn jeans, a faggot ass hat, and sandals and the entire store smells like ass
i fucking hate that goddamn store
by t-bag January 02, 2005
A&F is a store that sells clothing that is not made for every one b/c not every one appreciates it. . Its casual luxury and the only reason its so expensive it’s because it sells high quality merchandise. Abercrombie is a store for people who appreciate the vintage look and likes high quality merchandise. It is true that most people who shop there are preps, but that’s because others choose to let it be that way. I don’t appreciate people’s criticism towards the prep way of life and style. If people are so bothered because only so called preps or emos shop at AE, Hollister, and Abercrombie and Fitch, why don’t they join the club and stop bitching about the price. If people are willing to pay 100 dollars for ripped jeans then let them, it doesn’t affect you.
a&f shkid: look at my jeans
other: omg you pay 100$ for ripped jeans? omg!
yea so..?
by a&f employee June 04, 2005
awesome clothing for cool people
lots of famous people wear Abercrombie nd.. most of them are seen as cool. :)
by Mariesa April 10, 2005
a really popular store with people from the ages of 11-21. the younger half is abercrombie, and from 16-17 years old, they wear Abercrombie and Fitch, the larger version. Now its a stereotype though. Abercrombie girls in junior high and high school are known so have great hair, perfect makeup, and popularity, usually a boyfriend before those that dont wear abercrombie. Junior high abercrombie boys usually play at least one sport, all the non-abercrombie girls want them, and they are funny, and SHOULD be cute. High school abercrombies are alot like them, just a little more mature. Hollister is owned by abercrombie, their clothes are just a little less expensive, and also a little lower quality. abercrombie jeans fit great, and really dont have a chance of ripping until 3 years of wearing. Its mainly popular is upper-middle classes or whatever. =]. The clothes are sometimes expensive, but high wuality so get over it. One of the most important things to remember is, Abercrombie really only belongs on hot people. It does make other people look better, but that lowers the Abercrombie standard. After all, it really is a lifestyle.
Abercrombie girl 1= Oh my gawd. Josh totally is gonna ask you out tommorrow.

Abercrombie girl 2= (squeal)That would be totally awesome. Ewwwww. What does that girl think shes DOING!?

Poser Abercrombie girl=(flips her frizzy hair) Hey guys. (flips it again) do you wanna go hang or something?

Abercrombie girl 1= Eww. Your ruining the name of Abercrombie!
by kccc =] May 12, 2007
Abercrombie & Fitch is the BEST ! I love their clothes. I wear A&F all the time - especially their cargos, cargo shorts, tuggers, jerseys & polo shirts. The A&F quality is superb - the A&F look is awesome.

The Abercrombie guys are so nice looking too !! HOT !!

I also love to get WET in my A&F cargos, cargo shorts & athletic jerseys - in the shower, tub, hot-tub & swimming pools. I love the A&F " wetlook " !

A&F is # 1
Abercrombie cargos & cargo shorts are of the best quality - awesome looking - dry & wet !!
by WET CARGO BOY March 17, 2006
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