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Abeer is an Arabic female name, holders of the name are usually, if not always, characterized as strong, beautiful, elegant, stunning, strikingly gorgeous, sensational, sexy, breathtaking, and fun with a great sense of humor.
Abeer is perfect, she’s fit for a pedestal.

It is just too easy to fall in love with Abeer, you can't help it.
by Zaid March 04, 2008
Slang for a geeky, yet debonair guy. Tends to attract women in droves. Originated in an East European TV show.
That abeer is a nice guy, but he likes chess way too much. I don't know why women find him so attractive.
by ladny_girl January 01, 2011
Non-offensive nickname for a shy guy that women find really sexy. A guy with this nickname is a bit of a loner and has very strong interests. From an European television series.
That guy is a real Abeer: all the hot babes think that he is very cute, but he is too shy to talk to them. He could get so much action otherwise.
by monopolist51 January 04, 2011
abeer is an arabic female name which means the smell of flowers ,
abeer is a nice girl
by abeer April 26, 2005
An Arabic/hebrew word for Strong. Abeers are powerful and suave. He receives attention from many females on a daily basis because of his good looks and his charismatic persona. As a romantic partner, Abeers can not be beat. He treats his woman as if she were a princess. He is caring and loving. He will be the perfect boyfriend, husband, and father. He is also very humorous and dorky.
Girl: Wow, that chick is so lucky, I'm jealous! She has an Abeer!
by 5211314 July 20, 2012
A fabulous female that hopes to be a potato when she grows up. She enjoys eating cake and shrimp. Her favorite thing to do is to sleep and to visit different places all around the world.
Abeer is pretty cool
by wowtumblrr December 30, 2014
A person that is extremely geeky, introverted and enjoys heterosexual love. This person try's not to "go there" but fails miserable almost 100% of the time.
What an Abeer!
by GreasyVI September 18, 2014
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