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A delusional moron who believes that utopia can be achieved by electing a person with no track record in politics into power purely on basis of some apocryphal claims.
He thinks that the world will change overnight by bringing app into power...what an aaptard.
by LoneRanger50 December 10, 2013
a word used by all the BJP supporters in the situation when they feel like they can't win in a Logical argument with AAP supporters.
Namo is GOD of Development, why dont you understand Aaptards??
by aaptard March 23, 2014
An honest person who believes that everybody should live in peace and harmony. One who strives for justice and fights against crime and corruption. Some one who believes in clean politics.
Swamy420: I want to be the only crook in the country but these aaptards want to send me to jail.
by Messist November 28, 2013
This word officially replaces 'chutiya' in India
Stop behaving like an aaptard.
by madnav May 28, 2014