Always Ass Fucking
Im AAF in the butt what what
by buttin2 November 27, 2009
"always and forever" usally used after you write I love you
i love you girl A.A.F.
by Pork-Chop April 02, 2007
Artificial as fuck or Fake as fuck.
>What do you think of Stephanie?

> She's AAF.
by cvdth July 23, 2014
Annoying as fuck!
God facebook is being AAF!
by SillyGreenOreos October 21, 2009
awkward as fuck
"How was your date with Cameron?"
by kloveee August 11, 2009
Ancient as Fuck
Did you see Madonna at the Super Bowl? That bitch AaF.
by Dallick Zollser February 24, 2012
The greastest fucking drink ever...consists 1 part jager 1 part goldslogger, 2 parts Dr. Pepper, and 100% forgetting what the fuck happened last night...this drink is not for soft fucks so don't try it if you're a bitch
Yes I had an aaf...that shit if fucking epic...if you were you'd know
by Mr aaf June 26, 2011

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