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a play on words denoting an instance where one places a phone call, or sends a text or email, while intoxicated on Ambien.
I chased an Ambien with a Mimosa and then Ambushed Eric with a phone call telling him how much I loved him.
by Crackapleez May 04, 2010
When your significant other wakes you in the morning with "We need to talk" or something of the like. Usually the result of going through your stuff while you were sleeping and finding something you didn't want them too. This is done primarily to keep you from being able to formulate a good lie as you have just been woken up.
Jon: Me and my girl got in a fight.
Dave: What happened?
Jon: She totally a.m.bushed me with, "Who the hell is Jenny and why is she texting you?
Dave:That sucks!
by Skientz January 28, 2009
Situation: a top level executive is sponsoring a project which is in trouble or failing (in the red) but s/he don't know it. S/he gets surprised with this fact by a peer (rival) in a top level meeting, perhaps perhaps in front of the CEO or the board.
"My boss was really furious this morning. He got ambushed in the Board Meeting on the XYZ project. Even though it's been hopeless for months, we'd been telling him it was a challenge but we'd make it."

"Why didn't you tell him sooner?"

"Because he would be furious at us."
by jemand September 26, 2008
To call an unknowing third party onto a conference call with no warning.
Those fuckers called me to gang up on me and didn't give me warning it was a conference call. They ambushed me.
by Chosney September 11, 2003
The act of taking a crap, finishing the roll of toilet paper, and neglecting to replace the empty roll with a new supply. This sets the stage for the next unsuspecting individual to sit down and pass a bowel movement not realizing there isn’t a square-to-spare (i.e. square of toilet paper, from Seinfeld). The ambush can easily be prevented by keeping a spare roll of toilet paper under the sink provided the dumb ass who is saved by the spare replaces it.
Oh Sweetie (i.e. significant other)! Someone forgot to replace the toilet paper again and I got ambushed!
by Skip321 March 02, 2008
the act of pantsing a female, only to realize that she is in fact not wearing underwear.
Tina was casually walking down the street when she was suddenly ambushed by an elderly woman.

"mom! I just saw that lady's vagina!" exclaimed the small child who witnessed this vicious ambush.
by umsolikeokay September 22, 2013
the act of surprising a girl with anal sex when having vaginal sex. the act maybe wanted or unwanted.
Jessie and Jack where having sex when suddenly Jack ambushed Jessie.
by whitethickness17 September 14, 2011
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