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The chance a snowball has before it is obliterated by the fire and brimstone of hell, kind of like the chance frosty the snowman has against a military grade flamethrower or popsicle against the heat of the sun
"theres a snowballs chance in hell of that guy jumping that and not breaking every bone in his body"
by benjamin eric April 30, 2008
A phrase used to describe something with a very low possibilty of happening/succeeding.

(Plays on the idea that hell is hot so the snow would melt)
Guy 1: I'm so guna hit that!
Guy 2: Dude, you ain't got a snowballs chance in hell.
by MG123 April 29, 2008
what you say when something is not likely to happen, nearly impossible. the chance of a snowball surviving in hell
"Joe has a snowball's chance in hell at getting a girlfriend, he's too fat"
by dboyfromdahood February 24, 2012
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