At the moment, my favorite band. Been that way for a while.
No, I'm not a girl, I'm not gay, etc. But I still like AFI (even Sing the Sorrow).
by kaze2k5 January 18, 2004
My personal favourite band becuase they're just the best! They have deep lyrics and great music, so whatever. You need to like them too! Davey is hot
Omg, davey of AFI is the most gorgeous man alive.
by Ilyena July 09, 2004
A Fire Inside is a genre-defying band now consisting of Davey Havok(vocals), Jade Puget(guitar), Hunter(bass), and Adam Carson(drums). Once upon a time there were two other cool guys instead of Jade and Hunter, but they left. One of A Fire Inside's traits is that the songs are different through every album; the band grows and changes musically. The most recent release is Decemberunderground. Sing the Sorrow, Black Sails in the Sunset, The Art of Drowning, Answer That and Stay Fashionable, and Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes are some of their other albums.
These guys are awesome. Davey and Jade are hot, and Adam and Hunter are pretty good looking too. There has never been a band so dedicated to their fans as A Fire Inside is to theirs. Therefore they have an almost cult-like following of a fanbase.
A Fire Inside - They are not sell outs.
They are awesome. They are on tour for a long time following the release of their newest album.
by Sunshy July 26, 2006
The feeling one possesses that fuels their need to continue living though their current dilemma.
He felt a fire inside help guide him through strife.
by Waffle Man March 21, 2006
A once amazing Punk Rock band that started out amazing and gradually becomes worse and worse and worse as time progresses.
Yo dawg, You hear A Fire Insides new album?

Yea, but AFIs new shit sucks sucks
a word relating to somebody getting aroused. Also could be used as a pick-up line. ("a party inside" would work to)
Hey guys, there is a fire inside my pants. Do you want to give it a try?
by Smoke-House July 06, 2005
The way you feel when you get one of a number of STDs.
Damn, that bitch gave me the clap, now I got A Fire Inside.
by JMi August 02, 2004

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