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A way of saying 100; mostly used among the rap/hip-hop community, and usually referring to money.
Home Boy #1: Yo dawg how for an ounce of that dank weed?
Home Boy #2: I'll hook it up for 2 bucks.

Jamal: Hey fool how much you weigh?
Hakim: About a buck sixty (160).
by prolifiQ August 10, 2008
a. Meaning one American Dollar.
b. Also can pertain to a male Deer.
a. Hey Brad, this pizza is only a buck!
b. I almost killed a buck the other day.
by Brad Germain March 17, 2008
100mph used usally in street racing
I was doing about a buck 20 last night
by Jake Swift December 08, 2004
A Skinny girl That doesn't weigh more than 100 pounds.
"Man did you see her she couldn't weigh more than abuck or abuck 15."
by galexygirl1 July 12, 2009
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