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Short form for "HELP!" in situations, where one can't afford to type with both hands, e.g. while playing starcraft against koreans.
player 1: asdf!
player 2: be right with you
player 1: asdfasdfasdasdfffffffffffffff
player 2: almost there!
player 1: aasddddddead.
by Psibox July 18, 2005
A common keyboard mashing, similar to jkljkljkljkl or uiouiouiouio. Often used in fits of anger or stupidity.
NO WTF! a asdfasdfasdf argh! I hate the internet!
by babaloulou November 11, 2003
Typing by girls when they don't want to talk.
24. How many times have you had sex?
a asdfasdfasdf
by Jerry1928 March 12, 2008
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