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A Rusty Venture is a highly disputed sex move, discussed in the Venture Brothers episode Operation P.R.O.M.

The running joke throughout the episode is that no one seems to know whether a Rusty Venture is a gay or straight move, involves feces or a turkey baster, etc.
Escort: I'm gonna give you a Rusty Venture.

Brock Samson: Don't believe the hype. A Rusty Venture is the name for when you jerk off so much your dick gets red and sore."
by excuse for a prom November 22, 2010
Is when you jack off so hard that your penis turns red and sore.
She gave me a Rusty Venture but it was so worth it.
by Oz Flowers November 23, 2010
To masturbate so much your penis gets red raw.
Yesterday I jerked off so much my dick is bleeding. I gave myself a Rusty Venture.
by r0nan November 21, 2010
A sexual act when a man fucks a girl in the ass and gets shit all over a dick. When the man is close to cumming he pulls out, jacks off on their chest, and then licks it off.
"Last night I gave A Rusty Venture to Sherri". "Dude, you are nasty".
by Commanderjoker November 22, 2010
jerkin' off so much your dick gets red and sore.............. as seen in the venture bros. , I believe this definition seems the most true of them all.
HOOKER: A rusty venture is when u ....... and then you....and then jerk them off with the poo.

BROCK SAMSON: That's not a rusty venture..... A rusty venture is when u jerk it so much it gets red and unusable
by twenty-four November 22, 2010

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