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A slang term in football (actual football not the weird American type with helmets) for a 2-2 draw. Inspired by the famous African cleric Desmond Tutu.
John: I'm going for a 3-0 win to United today mate.
Adam: Nah bro, I'm betting it's gonna be a Desmond.
John: A Desmond?
Adam: Yeah, dumbass a Desmond. Get it? Two-Two?
John: OH! Very witty.
Adam: I know, I try.
by sykesie December 14, 2013
from Wikipedia

Lower second-class honours degree in the UK
This is the second division of second-class degrees and is abbreviated as "2:2" or "II.ii" (pronounced two-two).

In rhyming slang a lower second-class honours degree is known as a "Desmond", after Desmond Tutu.
"I missed out on a 2-1, I got a Desmond"
by GMC1963 January 25, 2016
A gay African American sugar daddy who likes white man pussy.
I really need a Desmond to take care of me and fill my white man pussy.
by RWAD July 06, 2011
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