"A" is far from a simple, harmless word. It is the beginning of the dictionary and the start of people following all the words and ideas that plato handed down to us. The way is not the worded way. Words are just ideas; starting with the word "a," all other words and ideas follow. All words are defined by other words. Do any of them mean anything ? Once a person said he didn't believe in "a," he was shot by the leader who said, "anyone else not believe in "a?". Soon everyone was using the term. That's how all our words got to be accepted. "A" means separate, or individual, and when one thinks about it nothing is separate or individual. This type of division has been the start of all war, and has led to the current world situation.
"Once eddy believed in words and ideas, starting with the word "a," it was easy to get him to be a good little tax payer, kill people he didn't know, as a soldier, and spend his life working, killing, and dodging bullets, instead of living." We could be working 6 hours per year for a middle class life instead of 5200 hours. We could have no war, prison, slavery, slave mastery, super rich, super poor, or "peace," which has led to war more than any other idea. If we are going to use words, we should re-write the dictionary starting with the letter "a." Eliminate negaive concepts, and the positive concepts will follow. Speak American in the U.S. We are the only major country in which a foreign language (English) is spoken as the standard accepted language. .
by fred ressler October 07, 2006
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Favorite interjection of The Fonz.
Richie: Fonzie, I think you should lay off the crack.
Fonz: A!
by Lucas December 20, 2004
The first letter in the English alphabet.
You at 30 years old: What is the first letter in the English alphabet?
Me: A, you retard. You're 30 years old and you've wandered around in a drunken stupor for a few years on this god damn ranch. Do something with your life.

And that's the story of how George Bush became President.
by Beanchan May 02, 2005
The smallest bra size available besides a double A; first REAL bra size even though it is very small.
Yeah, I bet Brittney will be an A for the rest of her life, that skinny bitch.

Poor Ned, does he know she's only an A?
by sexychicken May 28, 2005
1) the first letter of the English alphabet
2) a sound that this letter represents
3) one; one sort of
4) each; any one
5) in or for each
6) in some schools, the highest grade, meaning "excellent" or "best"
7) in music, the sixth tone or note in the scale of C Major
8) abbreviation for assist: used in sports
1) "A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z" As you can see, A is the first letter of the Engish alphabet.
2) Sounds like "ay" or "ah"
3) I picked a rose.
4) A dog that bites should be tied up.
5) It costs fifty cents a box.
6) I got an A on my math test today!
7) Your A string is out of tune.
8) I got a few A's in today's basketball game.
by th3samiam September 09, 2006
A letter used in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish (though limited to proper nouns), Walloon and Chamorro.
The letter is pronounced as an "o", like in the word "sauna".

When capitalized, the character is also used to denote the unit of length, Ångström. 1 m = 10^10 Å.
Åh my gåd, dååd. I'm så hårny right nåw.
by PoopyPoo June 03, 2005
A Swedish vowel, equivalent to the "oa" sound in the English words "oar", "roar", etc.
På svenska, våldtäktsmän
by Jonas Altberg March 12, 2009
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