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the sickest band in the favourite band might i add. and all u people who dont like them go and eat urself

that band is pure brillance
the shooting star that destroyed us all,withered,we go to eleven and all of i have to use the word so....a static lullaby
by pappa jof August 27, 2006
Words couldnt even begin to describe the greatness of this band
Me: A Static Lullaby are my favorite band

. . And Dont Forget To Breathe
by Jenny July 17, 2004
An emo/screamo band consisting of 5 members out of California. Joe, the lead singer, screams out his heart with amazing lyrics and an amazing voice. Probably one of the more known emo bands. Also, one not in it for the money as Joe Brown, the lead singer, said: "We didn't do this to become fuckin' rockstars, we did it to hear you all (the fans) singing along with us"
"A Static Lullaby pwns!"
by PolishKid May 26, 2004
the sweetest band with killer singers. anyone who doesn't like this band has got to be into the spice girls or something. Whoever gave them that bad definition is clearly hardcore spice girls who has nothing better to do then to make fun of a wicked band and support the spice girls.
"a static lullaby sucks...i like the spice girls"
i popped a blood vessel from listening to a static lullaby.
by spice girls suck January 17, 2004
ASL is my 3rd fav band, the guy up top needs to get a life. If you dont like a band okay, but dont go trashing them over the net. Have respect,if you were in a starting band i dont think you would like people trashing you. think about it. I saw them last Tuesday w/ AFI. They KICK SOOO MUCH ASS! My opiion, you may beg to differ. But I dont care. oh by the way hes a great screamer not a sorry one unlike you.
My music.My opion.My ears.Not yours.
by Nikki February 26, 2004
a great wonderful screamo band with terrifac lyrics and two great singers (one screamer named joe, one singer named dan) in other words the best band ever. skrew whoever hates them and why the hell would you make up hate for them on the net. thats GAY!
maryjo-dude a static lullaby rocks!
some other person-I KNOW! they make me wet myself!
some loser-i dont like em
maryjo and some ther person-dude your gay
by ASlfan4life July 06, 2004
five suburban teens who desperately want to get famous by jumping in the emotional hardcore bandwagon and bringin in the newbie rock n' roll fans through means of hot topic. when a friend told me their influences were at the drive in, i got sick to my stomach. this chick up top actually likes the used - soLLLid fan base, static! you should play with yellowcard or something and bring in more "rock" fans
punkfortheages should be more mature and diss a static lullaby's STUPID NAIVE FANBASE instead of the band themselves.
by jerseywonton February 29, 2004
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