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n. one who feels has concern for one's country
Michael Moore is a patriot
by Anonymous October 18, 2003
I am an idiot who has never been outside of my country, and I only know about other nations by watching CNN. I'm sure you all understand, because I am just a typical American teenager who spends more time playing games on the computer and less time reading books.
I apologize to all those I viciously insulted, because I am stupid, loud-mouthed, mannerless, disrespectful of the opinions of others, ignorant, bigoted, and blinded by the political lies of my country.
by a patriot June 02, 2003
a weapons system devised by the us of a to blow the hell out of anyone who smells slightly arabian.
Man:wow, did you see that iraqi passenger plane that got blown to pieces by a patriot.
Woman:you're such a cliched Man.
by George Dubbya October 04, 2005
a righteous child who, while clearly more intelligent than the usual jingoistic flag-waver, has indeed been taken in by the political lies of the american government.
free speech in the usa? not in my lifetime, or yours.
by dave13 July 17, 2003
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