One of the worst songs ever made by a man. Or a woman, not completely sure. A background beat of Darth Vader saying "a milli". A singer who sounds like a 9 year old and has absolutely no talent. It rose to #6 on the Billboard 100 due to kids in suburbia. Lil Wayne admits many things in this song. Such as being stronger than hair, a venereal disease like menstruation, throwing of pencils, not writing his own bad lyrics, spending 100% of his time devoted to money and only money(not the actual spending of it), making references to popcorn brands for fuck sakes, hoping that "crackers" see him, being a homophobe, being a dog, doesn't answer private calls, owns a sidekick, calls his girlfriend or a woman he had previously dated his "bitch, etc.

A Milli is one, if not the, worst songs I've EVER had to hear. I could get shot and I wouldn't care, but I NEVER listen to that shit.

While unknown to Lil Wayne himself, Asher Roth made a remix of A Milli which is total destruction to Lil Waynes faggot ass.
"A million here, a million there
Yeah you got a mil but for real dog, nobody cares"
-Asher Roth
by SnowKid32 August 04, 2009
Top Definition
A million. Made famous by the lil wayne track. Can either mean $1,000,000 or just 1 million in general.
Person 1: How much money you tryin to make from that job man?

Person 2: A milli, my brother

Person 1: Ha, like that'll ever happen.
by BK Xecutioner July 18, 2008
A song made made by Lil Wayne . Probably one of his best songs, should have been on a mixtape. He really goes hard on it. But has an annoying beat. The beat is some man just saying "A milli", Over and over again.
Person 1 : A milli, A milli, A milli, A milli, A milli!

Person 2: Dude shut the fuck up, that beat is annoying
by chicagoprince312 June 13, 2008
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