A Spanish slang meaning to not give a fuc*ing damn about something. Literal translation : (To the shit) with that!
«¡a la mierda con eso!» “I don't give a damn about that”/or “screw that!”

Also note «à la merde» as the french translation
by Spaceillusion_02 May 10, 2009
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When you want to leave something because you don't like it, in Argentina, people says "a la mierda" as his equal in english for "fuck it".
A variant is "andate a la mierda". Instead of talking about something as in "a la mierda" it talks about someone. His equal in english is "fuck off".
Joey: Man, we have to do the Spanish class homework.
Matt: A la mierda, I don't wanna do it.
by Nicolás Zacharczuk May 11, 2006
These are the uses in Argentina:

1- 'a la mierda' is used as 'Holy shit!' when used to express surprise.
2- 'a la mierda' can be used to say that one is 'getting the hell out of here'. You may also send someone 'to hell'.

Note: mierda means shit, so actually you're going and sending someone 'to the shit' when using 'a la mierda'.
A la mierda! me encontre una moneda.
Holy shit! I found a coin.

Me voy a la mierda, nos vemos.
I'm getting the hell out of here, see you.
Andate a la mierda!
Go to hell!
by Leo Green May 10, 2006
it is use in argentina to say that something have sorprised you very much.
Mario: me saq un 1 por copiarme y mi vieja me va a matar
Jose: a la mierda!!
by Miguel Zitarosa May 11, 2006

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