A Spanish slang meaning to not give a fuc*ing damn about something. Literal translation : (To the shit) with that!
«¡a la mierda con eso!» “I don't give a damn about that”/or “screw that!”

Also note «à la merde» as the french translation
by Spaceillusion_02 May 10, 2009
Top Definition
When you want to leave something because you don't like it, in Argentina, people says "a la mierda" as his equal in english for "fuck it".
A variant is "andate a la mierda". Instead of talking about something as in "a la mierda" it talks about someone. His equal in english is "fuck off".
Joey: Man, we have to do the Spanish class homework.
Matt: A la mierda, I don't wanna do it.
by Nicolás Zacharczuk May 11, 2006
These are the uses in Argentina:

1- 'a la mierda' is used as 'Holy shit!' when used to express surprise.
2- 'a la mierda' can be used to say that one is 'getting the hell out of here'. You may also send someone 'to hell'.

Note: mierda means shit, so actually you're going and sending someone 'to the shit' when using 'a la mierda'.
A la mierda! me encontre una moneda.
Holy shit! I found a coin.

Me voy a la mierda, nos vemos.
I'm getting the hell out of here, see you.
Andate a la mierda!
Go to hell!
by Leo Green May 10, 2006
it is use in argentina to say that something have sorprised you very much.
Mario: me saq un 1 por copiarme y mi vieja me va a matar
Jose: a la mierda!!
by Miguel Zitarosa May 11, 2006
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