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1/5 of a gallon is roughly around 750ml or 25.6oz.....Like da fool who said its da same as 4/5 of a quart is wrong(n its da top answer?)......Theres 4 quarts in a gallon so how do u get 4/5 of a quart? 4/5 of a quart is 6.4oz...If it was 4/5 of a gallon then 5 quarts would be a gallon (Im just saying)
If someone says a fifth that means usually da standard bottle which is 750ml
by phenex36 August 10, 2011
20 109
in response to the the previous ludacris comment.... and having drank a 5th on many occassions there are some that can still semi-function. Some can, some can't.... yes it is a 750ml bottle.... man I could do for one right now.... but for the time being I will sip on my pint (375ml) bottle....
I'm in the car right now, I'm doing 90 on the freeway
Hey Slim, I drank a fifth of vodka, you dare me to drive?
Eminem- Stan
by HENNYnCOKE November 03, 2006
44 134
A quantity of alcohol consumed by 4th year students before half time of the last home football game at UVA.
"What I did after finishing my 4th year 5th at the game is still unknown."
by Go Hoos! December 11, 2003
58 160
the fifth note in a scale
the fifth of c major is g
by TalkingGiants52 December 18, 2003
105 208
Can either mean a fifth of a gallon (750ml) or a fifth of a liter (200ml) of hard liqour. Both are commonly sold at grocery stores in the US.
I want a fifth (200ml) of vokda.
by Social Junker May 15, 2006
79 185
vodka, rum whatever.. but an amout of that. like a small bottle thing that people usually drink while they walk down the street to a party or the park to smoke an L with their ppls.
i drank a fifth of vodka, then a forty, but i was fine cause u know what they say liquor before beer and ur in the clear!
by deenie June 18, 2004
18 244
a weak ass bottle of alcohol that couldn't get a silly bitch drunk!!!
"a fifth? shit man what am i a silly bitch?"
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
20 293