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Is saying something so amazing that makes people feel all good inside, even if they know is not true.
I can't be mad... coz it's such a beautiful lie!
by Shelyuta November 17, 2007
1] An album by 30 Seconds to Mars.
2] A lie told by the men Beyoncé and Shakira describe as beautiful liars.
3] A pretty bed or couch.
4] The word `lie` emblazoned in pretty letters on a surface.
-looks at wall
That`s a beautiful lie.
by Keijei July 27, 2007
-the second album from 30 seconds to mars, was released in August 2005, and has gone platnium. An amazing record!
Dayum i love dat new smokin album, "A Beautiful Lie" by dem finnnee bois in TSTM!
by Camille Leto May 23, 2007