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1] An album by 30 Seconds to Mars.
2] A lie told by the men Beyoncé and Shakira describe as beautiful liars.
3] A pretty bed or couch.
4] The word `lie` emblazoned in pretty letters on a surface.
-looks at wall
That`s a beautiful lie.
by Keijei July 27, 2007
1. The word used to describe the overly big deal made over Apple iPod products.

2. The parties that result from these overly big deals.
Policeman #1: What is it, John?
Policeman #2: Major iPerbole.
by Keijei July 27, 2007
Someone is blender material when the user of the word believes that people in general {as well as themselves} would rather have sex with a blender than that person.
Tom: Eugh. She`s blender material.
by Keijei August 12, 2007

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