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A blumpkin given by a member of the undead. The joy of taking a shit, while a moaning zombie sucks your dick can only be surpassed by skull fucking it's brains out. Just be sure to pry and lock the mouth open, for fear of them biting. If interested, contact Zombitute or Zlut. These are leading companies in living dead prostitution.
Last night, I got two Zumpkins by this fat Zlut. I'm pretty sure she wanted my balls.

I thought that i had achieved enlightenment when i received a blumpkin, but i felt like Jesus as i experienced my first Zumpkin.
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The act of receiving a blow job while playing Xbox 360.
The other night, my girlfriend wanted me to pay attention to her instead of playing Call of Duty, so she unzipped my pants and gave me a zumpkin. That's when the my killstreak really went up.
by TurnerMeowPoop January 18, 2012
Getting a blowjob while taking a shit while your high on bud.
Dude: Dude, Im fuckin high as a bitch.....Wanna give me a zumpkin?

Chick: The fuck is a zumpkin?!

Dude: Suck my dick while im takin a shit while im still high.

Chick:.....Sure why not. Let me hit that blunt first.
by KarmaKilla May 30, 2008

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