The sweetest girl you will ever meet. She cares about her friends and doesnt try to ruin anyones day. She gives honest advise and cares about everyone. Shes gorgeous but she is humble about it. Shes the motherly type and makes sure everyone is taken care of. Shes shy when she doesnt know a person, but once they're friends shes her total fun firecraker self. Everyone loves her.
Friend (calls Zowee) : Hey Zowee i really am in a tough situation and i need help.

Zowee: I'll be right there.
by The Girl Who Knows All November 26, 2011
a little tattoo'd and pierced up emo girl that loves a rob even if nothings gunna happen between them, is a bit mental but people love her for it and she has low self esteem an lacks confidence in herself.
zowee: love you rob!

rob: nothings gunna happen
by not gunna happen October 29, 2010

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