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Zout originates from a group of guys from a International school outside of London. It came from the word Zoot and lead to Zout n' About meaning smoking bud and chillin'. Zout itself is a joint that is rolled using King size papers and has little if no tobacco. A train ticket is usually used as the filter so you dont get nig lippers.
King Bros: Ayooo Bead wanna hit a Zout?
Cap'n Bead: Yea man, Bow.

Cap'n Bead: Yo man what you up to today?
King Bros: not much man just zout n' about
Cap'n Bead: oh aight sick, im pickin up so were sorted
King Bros: sickoo see you a bit later
by Cap'n Bead May 15, 2011
To tabulate and print out the transactions of the day's sales on a cash register.
Metaphorically: To sum up and conclude a transaction or relationship.
"It's quitting time. Did you Z out?"

"OK, if we're gonna Z out, let's talk about the $960 I paid on your Con Ed bill 2 years ago."
by BilHam February 19, 2012
bud, mirajuana, weed. you smoke it.
bob: ayo you zout'n this afternoon
jeff: yeh man zout n about
by king zoooouuuuttttt February 24, 2011