Zoup is soup. It's quite simple, Zoup=soup. If you don't know what that means, you have much to learn. Zoup!
Dude, you're so not zoup. Get away from me.
by Ross February 28, 2005
Top Definition
meaning "get away", "leave", "disappear", "exit"
1)Im bout to Zoup on dis hoe
2) Man i dont feel like being here at work ...ZOUP!!!
3) Did you see the reggie bush move he just ZOUPED!!! on em
4) When you at a resturaunt and you aint got no money....ZOUP!!!!
5)They was acting up in that club last night i had to ZOUP!!!
by Fastrec04 June 16, 2010
a mixture of semen and dick cheese (smegma)
Person 1: i could really go for a hot bowl of zoup right now.

Person 2: mmm mmm!
by The Hebrew Hammer. May 17, 2010
Said to express joy of accomplishment or victory.
(right after winning a hand in black jack)

by njp nick August 31, 2008
Crack. Pure Crack.
Yo dawg, that zoup you sold me last week was WHACK.
by Flippin Jack January 22, 2009
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