A positive adjective that describes ones unique style.

That shirt is so zorro.
by Chipeto November 17, 2003
the most symbolic superhero of all time
he is so zammish because he can z everything
Zorro's signature is a Z!!
zorro can defeat forkosh.
Zorro is zam's brother
by i am zam March 28, 2003
after a good romp with your best ho, skeeting a "Z" on her titty balls, and yelling "Olé" while using your hands to give yourself a mask similar to the one worn by Zorro himself.
"Sally climaxed quickly after Tyrone performed his best Zorro"

"when Takishea got her first Zorro she quickly repayed her mate with a rusty trombone."
by J-beezy January 01, 2008
The sexual act of sticking your finger in a girls ass and proceeding to draw a "Z" on her chest with feces,just like Zorro.
"Ya that bitch I picked up at the bar last night left after I gave her The Zorro. I guess she wasn't into it."
by whosbarrybadrinath May 29, 2007
Act in which the male exudes diarrhea onto a girls chest and then writes a large "Z" in it with his penis.
I dropped a nasty zorro on some bitch after I ate a chili burger and fries.
by asseyes0o February 18, 2006
a fat ape that rapes minkus
stop it zorro
by butters February 09, 2004

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