The act of pulling out and shooting your load in the shape of the letter "Z" on the girl's chest.
Yeah man, that Zorgasm I left on her will make sure she never forgets me.
by Tobin Moss April 30, 2005
Top Definition
A religious epiphany, usually a vision or encounter with Zorgoth. In some cases, Cultiks have claimed to actually communicating with Zorgoth during a zorgasm.
The Duke tossed and turned, fearing that any second now his intelectual metropolis would be toppled by the barbaric Nairboians - when suddenly his nightmare was ended. There in the window appeared Zorgoth, in the form of a goat. Very few people have been blessed with such a zorgasm, but this spiritual enlightenment would set in a series of events from which Kenya would never be the same again.

-The Doctrine of Zorgoth: Book IV
by Duke Hallenstrom February 22, 2008
An orgasm created by looking at Zac Efron. mmm... tastey
Gertrude: omfg I just had a total ZORGASM!
Fat Rachael: dude, what the hell is a zorgasm?
Gertrude: look it up on urban dictionary. btw your fat
by Jacksonator123 December 29, 2010
The climactic and satisfying popping of a(n especially) large zit, and the accompanying euphoria that comes from pressure having been released.
I had the best zorgasm from popping that huge zit on my chin.
by swedemily September 23, 2008
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