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Usually a pale girl with the best smile in the world. Crazy but really mature for her age.

She's an amazing friend, don't let her go it's hard to get her back.

You'll have fun hanging out with her. She's just awesome overall....

omg! that is such a zora!
by DR. B00HB00H. March 02, 2009
86 26
Extremely sexy, attractive, random and chaotic. Used to describe people that are attractive and are sought after.
Didja see that hottie? He was so zora.
by Alexander G. May 12, 2008
83 33
The water people from Zora Lake.
The Zora mask is not quite as awesome as the Fierce Diety mask.
by Lucky Mesmer November 20, 2003
75 35
1. In most 2D Legend of Zelda games, Zoras are common enemies that pop out of lakes and oceans to shoot fireballs at the hero (Link).

2. In 3D Legend of Zelda games, Zoras are a friendly amphibious race.
1. "I can't believe that Zora killed me!"

2. "The Zora merchant sells blue armor."
by Zora-guy July 07, 2006
64 26