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When Wayne Brady convinces a usually mildly attractive audience member/contestant to take a poor deal or exchange of prizes on the mildly-unpopular TV game-show "Let's Make A Deal".
Wayne Brady: "Okay you can either have the car which is filled with solid gold bars and $1,000,000 cash OR whatever is in this "mystery" shoe box."
Moderately Attractive woman dressed in crazy outfit: "Hmmm... I know the car looks great... but I think I am going to go with the mystery box!"
Wayne Brady: "Ooooh tough break, YOU GOT ZONK'D! the box had a large sum of cracked/chipped marbles!"
by Team Brady October 27, 2011
adj.adv. The art of being completely numb and stoned.
(Getting, being) zonkd out on the couch
by LAURA JONNO April 28, 2007
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