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A lifeless young child in online games like Roblox. They do not know how to type or do not speak often. When trapped, they do nothing until they get bored of being in the game. Does not respond to bullying. Very noobish and will do the same thing over and over when incorrect and quits after about 20 times of the same attempt.
In the online game Roblox, many small children play roleplaying Games. Here is the story of AirPaco, an awesome person.

AirPaco: Die little zomid!
Zomid: Hello!
AirPaco: Haha! Traped u!
Zomid: Hello!
(Here the zomid is sitting in the same spot, watching the enviornment change but doesnt relize he is trapped)
by AirPaco February 16, 2010
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