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When you claim someone is "dead to you" and then you have an awkward conversation with that person.
Natalie: "Dylan, you're dead to me"

*3 months later*

Zombie Conversation:
Dylan: "Hey Natalie, how's it going?"
Natalie: "..hi, fine. '
Dylan: "How's school?"
Natalie: "Good"
Dylan: "How's Stephen?"
Natalie: Handsome"
Dylan: "Uhhh, well it was nice talking to you! See you around some time!"
Natalie: "Ok"
by EvenStephen August 24, 2010
Unwilling to accept reality.
A: "Do you think Zombies clip their toe-nails?'

B: "Zombies arnt real, end of zombie conversations."
by hoss geller January 16, 2012
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