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A god-like being of near immeasurable power, stregth, stamina, intelligence and ego. Hah!
Who would win in a fight: Thor the Thunder God or Zolton the God of Reality?
by Zolton January 08, 2004
Honourable member, ninja and mighty god to all beings. Also having the ability to destroy and rampage over backstabbers.
I dont dare.. Zolton will get us !
by Moe January 14, 2004
1.(n)An uber L337 pwnz0r who likes to set thiings on fire, and eat chicken.

2.(v)the act of BBQ'ing thy enemy and feeding him to the rats.
(n)That guy is realy kicking our ass, he must be a zolton!
(v)You had better be careful or I will zolton you!
by bob February 10, 2003
Zolton is a type of furry
A Zolton likes to yiff her furry friends.
by Zolton from quakenet October 25, 2003
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