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A pill of Sertraline Hydrochloride. Trademarked as Zoloft in the United States.

SSRI antidepressents.

Most commonly used by college students when they run out of Ecstasy.
Dude 1: I'm so depressed after that 3 day rager in the desert. I ate every last bit of molly I had.

Dude 2: That's wak yo. Got a Zofty?

Dude 1: Naw. It's cool though, I visited the campus doctor and told him of my ails. The medicine man hooked me up with a grip of Zofties. That should hold me until the kandi man rolls through.

Dude 2: The kandi man can.
#zoloft #kandi #e #doctor #college
by Chip Selekt August 19, 2012
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