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zo-BAY-buh (noun/adjective) A rare, somewhat small in size species of mammal. Zoebabes are known for their kindhearts but also for their ferocious and hostile instincts. Noted for there intelligence and humanlike behavior: now greatly reduced in number and threatened with extinction in the wild. Zoebabes tend to be addictive by nature and often live their short lives with substance abuse or as alcholics. However, all warnings aside, zoebabes can make excellent pets and/or companions.
Jay: Want to go for a bbt?
Kim: As much as im craving a bbt, i dont wanna go cause we might see zoebabe there
Jay: Yeah your probably right, i dont feel like drinking either, afterall it is lunchtime on a wednesday!

Bob says: Im gonna get zo drunk tonight!
Tim says: Giv'er, but please dont go zoebabe on me!
#gongshow #alcoholic #friendly #happy #president #animal
by zoe_babe October 15, 2008
An alcoholic female. Zoebabes tend to be small in stature but equally as vicouus. Take extreme caution.
Look at that drunk LG, must be a zoebabe.
#alcohol #lg #animal #ferocious #promiscuos
by doug93 October 26, 2008
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