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A person of Zimbabwean (or African )origin living in Britain that speaks with a faux american accent but just sounds tragically African.
pronouced ZIM-TUG
Always wears oversized jeans with illustrations found at Tooting Market for a fiver or two for £8. He owns 1 new era hat of sort and has an assortment of du-rags in all colours.

Also only dates under age white girls. (possibly polish)
Zimthug from behind: "yo sistah. waarit do?
Girl (victims) keeps walking on
Zimthug: "yo mammi, lemme hol' atchu, i really fillin ur style ennet"

NB- if he says he's from 'the A' he's hoping u interpret it as Atlanta but he's currently living in Acton and he's originally from Abuja.
by LeQuanzhae Banky January 23, 2009
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