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Means extremely beyond awesome to the extremeness! Can be used in almost any situation, pretty much wherever. And it's the best word ever. Just, believe me.

(Origin: Corte Madera, CA)
Jane: Look at my new shoes! They're purple with sparkly unicorns on them!
Tracy: Oh my god, those are pretty ziggy-ziggy-nar-nar!

Casey: Wow, Natalie's party was awesomely chill last night!
Alden: Yea, and the dancing was pretty ziggy-ziggy-nar-nar, don't you think?

Malone: Hey, do you know the history homework tonigt...
Eva: Ziggy-ziggy-nar-nar! (as used in a random sitaution)
by SexyTheatreGuy October 14, 2007

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