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The mighty Zerton is a large green animal, which is found in and around Rhode Island. It spends the majority of its life wild in the forest or more commonly semi-domesticated in large farms. During the last weeks of its life it makes the long migration into various cities and towns. After spending a brief time inside a Christian’s home where it is ceremonially decorated. It is then abandoned to roam sidewalks where it will then revert to a wild and furious state. After this takes place this now man eating beast can be ridden similar to a wild horse by two adventurous people, traditionally of the opposite sex.
Megan: Yosies,look!
Harry: Dare we ride the Zertron?
Megan: Yes! I'll grab It's ears while you smack it's ass.
Zertron: Kraah!
by HarryLaneSmith July 10, 2008
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